Media outreach and press coverage

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the team managed to raise awareness for the project among various primary care organisations, dementia and Alzheimer’s associations and different media thanks to a PR campaign, engaging social media and the recruitment campaigns for participation in the evaluation and co-creation sessions in the partner countries.

We managed to gather a fair amount of online press coverage in the specialised, trade media in the partner countries. Mainly IT, medical press and care magazines published an article based on the press release about the Alzheimer Care Trainer that was issued in October 2020. The PR campaign was successful with an online media coverage of 40 plus published articles.

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Scientific publications

Due to a strong orientation on the technical development, dissemination was in in the first 1.5 years of the project mainly focused on scientific publications.  The consortium partners regularly participated in international, technological, and eHealth-related conferences to present the project to a multidisciplinary audience of researchers. The consortium is author of numerous scientific publications on the technology and research behind POSTHCARD. The results are disseminated via publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings.

  • HealthByTech conference, 2020 and 2021 Netherlands
  • ACAP Webinar #2 Gerontechnology – A Solution For Independent Living, 2021 Hong Kong
  • Mobile HealthCare NL, 2021 Utrecht Netherlands
  • FDG conference (Foundations of Digital Games), 2020 Malta
  • CLIN 30 conference (Computational Linguistics), 2020 Utrecht Netherlands
  • MIMTT : EU-China Summit on Medical Innovation, Medical Informatics, Medical Imaging & Medical Technology Transfer , 2020 Beijing
  • Silver Linings Global – Aging Innovation Week, 2019 Taipei Taiwan
  • CLIN 29 conference (Computational Linguistics), 2019 Groningen Netherlands
  • Conference; “Accessible Europe: ICT 4 ALL”- Regional Competition for Accessible Europe, 2019 Malta
  • 19th ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, 2019 Paris
  • AAL Forum Bilbao 2018 and Aarhus 2019
  • INLG 2018 – 11th International Conference on Natural Language Generation, Tilburg Netherlands
  • IEEE International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH), 2018 Vienna