Due to the current pandemic, the Posthcard team is compelled to be resourceful and develop both a new digital co-creation method and an evaluation method.

Online co-creation – scenarios

The essence of the Alzheimer Care Trainer is to provide the user with a wide range of scenarios re-enacting real life situations of a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer. The Alzheimer Care Trainer is being developed through various co-creation processes with the informal caregivers. This way they can influence the development – design process and the result.

We stayed very close to the traditional co-creation process but due to the public health measures we had to think outside the box. The informal carers participate via the Microsoft Teams application & Google slides so that the screen and slides can be shared.

While going through the presentation the process coach asks them to share personal examples of complex care situations. In this way, the carer can choose a ‘character’ for himself and the person he cares for. Subsequently, the coach asks to explain the situation in detail, focusing on what was said by whom and what sort of feelings and thoughts this evoked.  This is an indication of whether it was a successful approach or not.  Behind the scenes, these examples are simultaneously visually translated by other researchers, like a comic book.

Based on the statements of the informal caregivers, we created situations with digital figures and digital objects and tools from everyday life.


The co-creation session resulted in a rich, detailed, and unique collection of individual experiences. The feedback on the scenarios led to the addition of new dialogues, new objects, and displaying more emotions. The care situations that were frequently mentioned are in line with the situations developed for the game. There are 4 recurring themes: showering and personal hygiene, eating (including preparation and cleaning), getting dressed and undressed and going somewhere (shopping, social appointment etc.).

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Online evaluation – prototype game

The actual Alpha test involves having informal caregivers use and thoroughly evaluate the solution.  The main purpose is to test the functionality of the product and to note necessary modification or improvements.

We will evaluate the new prototype of the serious game in Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. To sharpen the online survey techniques, the evaluation team attended a training session for the procedure of digital alpha testing.

Practicing the evaluation session in advance with colleagues will help the researcher to feel confident and calm during the life session. Most common problems can be encountered with the digital session are resolved by having a good preparation and a back-up plan.