Just a few weeks before the start of the summer vacation the next Consortium meeting was held in the city of Brussels , 11 – 12 June 2019 and hosted by our Belgian partner Brusano.

During the two – day – long meeting the leaders of the WP presented the status of the works concerning their focus areas. Important topics such as the development of the platform functionalities, narrative engine (architecture) , a formative and pilot test evaluation timeline, communication and business development were discussed.

We were also fortunate to welcome Kasper Bormans. He is a valued Belgian keynote speaker specialising in dementia and Alzheimer disease and a researcher from Leuven University. He did research about how to switch from a non-memory paradigm to a non-communication one. To this end he relies on marketing techniques to engage (truism, yes box,…) the user to a memory palace were particular people are linked to particular place in the palace in order to foster memory. The memory palace is accessible through an app that has the advantage to engage the user in his real home environment. He spoke also about his strategy to enter the market based on finding enthusiastic partners.

We see each other again in the fall in Geneva.