6 months after the start of the project, the vision becomes clearer and the first prototype of the platform is gradually becoming a reality.
If we look back for a moment, we can conclude that much has already been achieved. In order to reach this level, we have conducted an extensive end-user research.
Formal and informal caregivers were interviewed and questioned about their specific needs and experience in caring for Alzheimer patients. Based on this research we have created user personas, we gained a deeper understanding of our target audience and proposed several new functionalities that were validated by the users.
We also made some progress in relation to the development of the simulation. In this interactive application the user takes up an important role of informal or formal caregiver.
Our team is currently in the process of producing the graphics and identifies the best way to interact with a simulation model.
From a business and marketing perspective, it is important that our solution is in line with the target market needs. Amongst other key activities, we have identified and analysed the competition and defined a compelling value proposition.
We are confident that we can stay on schedule and we can expect a first integrated prototype early 2019.