We develop an educational and interactive game for elderly people, as a result a specific interface has to be designed to fit our needs.

After a specific research on the elderly’s abilities with video game, we worked with iterations to design the game, and finally made user tests for a final iteration.

How did we use Agile Method?

Agile method has been used to design the mock-up of the video game. First of all, iterations have been made within the team to extract the most relevant features for the specific goal of the narrative video game.

For each iteration, a team of experts has been providing feedback on the mock-up, both on the aesthetic aspects and the general usability.  Some specific feedback regarding the font and colors used have been given by an expert in ergonomics. After three iterations, a first version of the mock-up has been developed.

Following these iterations, a usability test has been made to collect end-users feedback. The test consisted of 5 small tasks to achieve, each related to one specific scenario which was to find a way to help the patient to eat. This was followed by a usability questionnaire and a general discussion about the experience.

Who were the participants?

The participants were recruited from 45 years old and above. People with cognitive difficulties, who did not understand the nature, purpose and methodology of the study and of the product, were excluded from this target group.

What were the results?

Results showed that certain aspects of the mock-up had to be changed, mainly regarding the top menus and the dialogue phase. For example, certain words used for different buttons were too similar in meaning, resulting in some confusion in the users, not knowing which one to click on.

After that, a final iteration has been made to come with a mock-up that is suitable for helping elderly people improving their coping skills via technology tools.

What is next?

We will use this design for the first implementation of the game. Once it will be ready, a new round of iterations will be made.