After several weeks of intensive work and dedication, the POSTHCARD team is delighted to announce the launch of the Alzheimer Care Trainer micro website.

As the POSTHCARD project moves forward, the need to find a brand name for the Alzheimer’s solution became apparent. Once we had opted for the Alzheimer Care Trainer tool (ACT), it was decided that the features of the tool and its benefits for all carers, both at home and at work, would be highlighted on other web pages than on this project website.

Our first goal is to provide our visitors an easy access to useful information and to allow a possibility to interact with the team.

In time, we hope to expand the website menu with more functionalities and with updated content focused on the needs of the future user. 

The development of the digital platform and the serious game is an ambitious and technically complex venture based on ethics, technology, innovation and co-design.

The further expansion of the website’s design and the availability of the Alzheimer’s tool will be determined by the maturity and quality of the solution as it progresses.

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